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LEVEL 01Junior Training

Introducing languages to a child at an early stage is immensely beneficial. We encourage them to explore the sounds, culture, and simple daily routine sentences. Kids experience holistic growth & thinking out of the box. We have Junior courses in French, Spanish, German & Mandarin.

LEVEL 02Beginners

Be able to recognize, read, and write common words and structure simple sentences. Exchange greetings and identify and describe objects from the surroundings. Introduce themselves & others. Lead buying/selling conversations. Enhance your reading, writing, listening & speaking skills. The beginners level is equivalent to the Al level (European languages) / N5 Level (Japanese) / HSK 1 (Mandarin)

LEVEL 03Elementary

On completing this level, you will be fairly understood by native speakers in some limited contexts. Building stage 2 of the language. Engage in deeper conversations Develop a deeper understanding of the tenses. Gain confidence in listening and speaking at this level. The Elementary level is equivalent to the A2 level (European languages) / N4Level (Japanese) / HSK 2 (Mandarin)

LEVEL 04Intermediate

This the Level 3, also Known as if you want a job in a company, use the language as a career opportunity then you are expected to complete the intermediate level. Be able to successfully handle communicative tasks in normal social interactions. Be able to accurately produce and understand the complex sentence structures and lead arguments. The Intermediate level is equivalent to the B1 level (European languages) / N3 Level (Japanese) / HSK3 & HSKK (Mandarin)

LEVEL 05Advance

At this level, you are a pro! After the completion of this level, you are ready to work in a company, teach and travel and have fun! Lead formal & informal communication fluently and possess a strong vocabulary and understanding of grammar at this stage. With a great understanding of the language, you can explore the culture of the learned language independently. The advanced level is equivalent to the B2 level (European languages) / N2 Level (Japanese) / HSK 4 (Mandarin)

LEVEL 06Short Courses

International Exam Preparation Course: Our expert trainers will help brush up your language skills and train you, especially so that you can pass the exams and archive desired results.

Traveler’s Course: If you wish to connect to the locals, dig deeper into their cultural aspects, and enjoy making friends which enhances your whole experience and makes beautiful memories for life then the traveler's course is for you!








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