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The business world requires a workforce that is both globally aware and culturally sensitive. Second Tongue's Corporate Training programs bridge the communication gap, allowing organizations to easily overcome language hurdles.

TAILORED PROGRAMSTailored Programs Can Benefit You

We recognize that each organization is unique. Our training programs are fully customized, ensuring compatibility with your company’s goals and worker needs.

On-site & Off-site Training

We have the infrastructure and flexibility to support both on-site and off-site training.
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Cross-cultural Training

Understanding the differences between cultures is important in addition to language.
Intercultural competency is emphasized in our training, preparing your staff for worldwide success.


You will be able to lead informal Communication in your daily routine.
Be able to structure complex sentences; be able to lead complex conversations like at the ofce, in an interview, dialogue between 2 friends discussing about a specific topic etc.
The grammatical elements like types of tenses, irregular verbs and the other essentials would be covered up in this level.
After the Regular English level you will be able to Speak, Write, Listen & Read complex sentences in English.


You will be able to lead formal Communication at your work place.
Be able to structure critical complex sentences and conversations; be able to write complex texts in the letterform.
The complex grammatical elements like Subjunctive, active passives etc. are included in this Level. Be able to lead group discussions and debate type conversations.
After the Advanced level you will be able to Speak, Write, Listen & Read long paragraphs in English.


You will enhance your presentational and Conversational Skills.
Be able to use complex vocabulary;
Be able to construct complex texts in the letter and email form.

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