Explore the Enchanting World of Japan with Our Japanese Course
Konnichiwa! With our Japanese Course, you can immerse yourself in Japan's unique language and traditions. Whether you're interested in the graceful art of calligraphy, or origami, or conversing smoothly with native speakers, our professional instructors will accompany you on this rewarding trip.


► Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world. Learning Japanese can advance your professional career.

► Studying Japanese opens doors to a new culture. Japanese is the internet’s 4th most used language.

► The Japanese are international tourists. Learning Japanese will make it easier to learn other Asian languages in the future.

► Learning Japanese is easier than you think. There is a growing market for Japanese cultural exports. You will be able to travel around Japan easily and have fun.


LEVEL ABeginner

Salutations, Meet and Greet people.
You will be able to lead Informal Communication in your daily routine and be able to structure simple sentences.
Lead simple conversations like at the cafe, restaurant, hotel reservations, directions, buying, selling, etc.

N5.1 | Hour 30 - - - N5.2 | Hour 30N5.1 / N5.2

Beginners Level: The ability to understand some basic Japanese.
Reading: One is able to read and understand typical expressions and sentences written in hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji.
Listening: One is able to listen and comprehend conversations about topics regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations, and is able to pick up necessary information from short conversations spoken slowly.
Includes: Original Book | Class Recordings | Course Material Online pdf & Audios

N4.1 | Hours 40 - - - N4.2 | Hours 40 N4.1/ N4.2

Elementary Level: The ability to understand routine life conversations fairly well.
Reading: One is able to read and understand passages on familiar daily topics written in basic vocabulary and kanji.
Listening: One is able to listen and comprehend conversations encountered in daily life and generally follow their contents, provided that they are spoken slowly.

N3.1 | Hours 40 - - - N3.2 | Hours 120N3.1 / N3.2

Intermediate Level: The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations to a certain degree.
Reading: One is able to read and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics. One is also able to grasp summary information such as newspaper headlines. In addition, one is also able to read slightly difficult writings encountered in everyday situations and understand the main points of the content if some alternative phrases are available to aid one’s understanding.
Listening: One is able to listen and comprehend coherent conversations in everyday situations, spoken at near-natural speed, and is generally able to follow their contents as well as grasp the relationships among the people involved.
Speak Japanese: (Special Conversational Classes of 30 hours) + We recommend you to take a private conversation class of 30 hours after the completion of A2 or Bl Level.

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